Thursday, February 24, 2011


This long journey is finally coming to an end.  After working on a project for so many years it's pretty good to look back and reflect on how it all came to be.  

I came up with the idea for Dream reavers over 10 years ago.  It was just called DREAMERS back then though.   The story itself actually did come from a vivid dream I had as a youth.   I always thought it would be cool to be able to travel into other peoples dreams.   

Of course its evolved over the years, but no matter what evolution it took it all started with one image.   A young boy in a mental hospital falling to his feet in pain and suddenly going into a coma.   

Ironically the original plot of the story was almost exactly like the movie "The Matrix." mixed with the movie Dreamscape.   Believe I was kicking myself when I finally saw that movie and realized it just screwed me over in the plot department.    After a couple of major adjustments over the years, the final product was ready again.   I picked a great artist and then suddenly that artist dropped out after he couldn't commit to it.   At that point I thought I'd put dream of doing the most crazy story I had ever dreamed up to rest.

I started out my career in this crazy buisness as a artist.  Getting very little money for too much work was killing me and I quickly went to a life of a normal average joe working at a hardware store.   I turned my creative spark towards writing, and wrote a novel called The DARK TIDES, which I wrote while in highschool.    It was a cross between the Abyss and Journey to the center of the Earth.    Unfortunately I probably sold about 20 copies. (I'm being very generous about that number.)   Maybe one day some hollywood producer will want to adapt that book into a movie one day cause it would totally kick ass man.  -wink wink.


I went into the movie buisness with little success.  Exec. producing a movie and writing another.   That's when I got the offer I couldn't refuse.   A webcomic series.    Angst reignited my love for the comics medium.   The experience on that helped me get the courage to work on Flee and Dream Reavers.  Two of my oldest story ideas.....

 When the time came to pitch DREAM REAVERS again I jumped at the chance.   I found a great artist and the Dream I had so many years ago was finally coming to life.                                                                 

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